“Helping people get back to the activities they enjoy – with minimal intervention – is my greatest pleasure.”

Professor Adrian Wilson is a world-leading Knee and Sports Injury Specialist who practises privately in London, Berkshire and Hampshire. His patients travel from all over the world.

Adrian has a global reputation in carrying out knee realignment (osteotomy) surgery and has developed pioneering techniques for sports injury repair. He is also a leading authority in diagnosing and treating children’s knee problems. He has developed a number of evidence-based techniques which include new, minimally invasive procedures for knee realignment (osteotomy) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair. Among other innovations, he has developed a minimally invasive technique to treat anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in children that has a fast recovery time and excellent long-term results. Most recently, Adrian has introduced adipose tissue therapy to the UK. Often used alongside other surgery, it harnesses the body’s own natural repair cells to help reduce pain and increase activity levels for patients with arthritis. A true innovator, Adrian is acknowledged for his work by his fellow surgeons, many of whom he trains to perform these procedures. His colleagues also trust him to operate on members of their own families, as well as themselves. Most importantly for Adrian is the fact patients benefit from and appreciate his skills as a knee surgeon.


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    Professor Adrian Wilson “It’s always a little nerve-wracking going to see a patient who is a colleague and a high-profile knee surgeon after you have operated on them – especially with complex surgery – but he was delighted with the outcome. He was pain free and had a full range of motion in his knee the day after surgery.”

    ``I was able to bend my knee after 48 hours and was back to wakeboarding within two months.``

    Dr Ziyad, Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Surgeon

    Other interests

    Adrian is a member of the European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA) Osteotomy and Arthroscopy committees. He is also one of the founding members of the UK Knee Osteotomy Registry (UKKOR), the first national database dedicated to knee realignment (osteotomy) surgery. The Group has established a dataset that is now the largest followed group of osteotomy patients worldwide. He also runs a successful Fellowship programme for senior orthopaedic surgeons in training. Adrian runs a masterclass in osteotomy training for surgeons which attracts interests from surgeons all over the world (