“Dad delighted to see his young daughter running in and out of the waves just 1 year after a serious trampoline injury.”

Knee surgery on children

Adrian has unique expertise in children’s knee problems, having introduced new procedures for treating anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.

He specialises in treating knee problems in children including sports injuries affecting the knee and kneecap (patella) stabilisation.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery in children

Adrian has particular expertise in carrying out ACL repair in children. Traditional ACL surgery meant a recovery time of up to a year. However, new procedures for treating ACL injuries have reduced this to around four months.

If an adult is injured and damages their anterior cruciate ligament, the tear (rupture) usually occurs in the upper or middle part of the ligament. However, in children and young people, the attachment of the ligament to the bone is a weak point and the ligament can be completely separated from the bone, possibly with a fragment of bone still attached.

In some cases, it may be possible to re-attach the bone fragment along with the ligament using keyhole surgery. However, ligament re-attachment can only be carried out in the first few weeks after an injury. In some cases, Adrian may also advise carrying out the All-Inside reconstruction technique and anterolateral ligament (ALL) reconstruction alongside ACL surgery to improve the outcome.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction in children using a parent’s hamstring as a donor graft

Adrian saw this procedure, pioneered by Dr Leo Pinczewski in Sydney, Australia, and its exceptional results during his fellowship. When he returned to the UK, he decided to set up a service to provide this innovative technique.

While hamstrings grow in length, they don’t thicken and can remain very thin, especially in small children. However, using a parent’s hamstring to repair an ACL injury has been shown to reduce the failure rate from 30% to less than 10%. During the six years that Adrian has been carrying out this procedure on children, surgery has been 100% successful.


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What Adrian's patients say:

Karen Langridge, Rowan Dennett’s mother.

“Professor Adrian Wilson may recall operating on my son, Rowan Dennett in August 2016.

Rowan is now studying ACL injuries in science at high school and is taking his video of the surgery into school.

This prompted me to email and say that Rowan has successfully returned to swimming last autumn and ball sports in December and is now back to playing tennis (county level) and cricket competitively and is also just starting his training for gold level life saving award with the Royal Life Saving Society. It’s now impossible to tell that he ever injured his knee.”

September 2017