“Gradually my knees felt better — there was soon no pain at all. I was astonished. I no longer limped and only felt occasional pain at night after a long day.”

Adipose tissue therapy for the knee

Lipogems® adipose tissue therapy can be used on its own or alongside other surgery to help repair, replace, reconstruct and support damaged tissue. It uses your body’s own natural repair cells to target and help to heal problems that affect tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles, including arthritis. Lipogems® is a brand new treatment for pain and inflammation, pioneered by Konrad Slynarski in Europe, which Adrian has introduced to the UK. It is a new minimally invasive treatment that harnesses natural repair cells removed from your own body fat to target problems affecting the tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles, including osteoarthritis. Untreated, these conditions can cause debilitating pain, even when carrying out normal everyday tasks. The Lipogems® procedure may, in some cases, be an appropriate medical alternative to orthopaedic surgery. And even when surgery is necessary, Lipogems® may still be beneficial in improving post-operative healing. Adrian is the co-founder of The Regenerative Clinic, which was set up to offer patients the very latest cutting edge regenerative treatments available across a range of specialties. Clinics and treatment facilities are available in Harley Street, London where the team are supported by an excellent group of nurses and technicians.

How I became interested in regenerative procedures


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