We welcome patients who have private medical insurance or are choosing to pay for their own treatment.

If you have private medical insurance

We are registered with all the major private medical insurance companies. Please bring all the necessary information to your consultation, including details of your insurance company, your policy number, an authorisation number and a claim form if necessary. This will ensure the authorisation and billing process runs smoothly.

Costs of X-rays and MRI scans are billed separately by the hospital departments involved and are not part of our consultants fee.

Prior to surgery you will be given a quote for your planned operation. This quote will apply to the surgical procedure only, and will not include the cost of the anaesthetic services, hospital stay, physiotherapy or follow-up consultations. Most insurance companies require a copy of this quotation before they can authorise the treatment proposed. Patients need to be aware that presently most health insurance policies involve an excess which the patient is obliged to cover. Details of this can be found in your health insurance policy document.

Our contract to treat is with you as a patient and not your insurance company. Patients are therefore liable for all invoices in the event of your health insurance company failing to settle the invoice.

If you require an operation, the hospital where you are being treated will obtain authorisation from your insurance company, who will pay the fees on your behalf.

Please refer to your policy schedule for the details of what your policy includes and any excess you may be liable for.

Paying for your own treatment

Self-funding patients are required to pay at the time of their consultation, either by cheque, cash or BACs. Details can be provided on request.

You will need to pay the hospital directly for any X-rays and MRI scans, usually on the day of treatment.

If you require surgery or further treatment, the hospital will provide you with a quote for the procedure, which includes our consultants fees and one consultation after your operation. However, this does not cover the initial consultation or subsequent follow-up consultations after the first post-op visit.

All invoices are expected to be settled within 30 days of issue.

International patients

We regularly treat patients from all over the world. If your treatment is being sponsored by your company or embassy, we will require a letter of guarantee from them.

New Patient £250 £350
Follow Up £175 £220
New Patient – Complex £350 £450
Follow Up – Complex £225 £250
MedicoLegal £500 p/h Inc report – approx. 1-2 hours
Injection Only £200


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