I had a partial knee replacement on my right at the Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke on 22nd February 2017. Before the operation I had been in quite significant pain, was struggling to sleep and taking lots of pain killers.

I was driving and fully mobile without any crutches within 6 weeks and quickly started to build up the time I could spend walking. I was particularly pleased to be able to test out my knee on the dance floor when my daughter got married last July – I had a wonderful time and danced the night away with the other guest, easily out-dancing my teenage sons! The only lingering side effect was a numbness around the knee itself which persisted for quite a few months but is now completely back to normal. 1 year post op I have no pain at all in the right knee and can comfortably walk the dog for at least 2 hours. I know my left knee is heading in the same direction but, when the time is right, I’ll feel very confident of doing the same again.