My treatment has been outstanding all round and I’m extremely grateful to the whole team involved. It goes without saying that I am extremely grateful to Professor Wilson for all his hard work on my behalf and I’m very glad that he recommended we stay locally for 2 weeks to access the excellent after care and expertise on offer.I must tell you, without exception, all those I spoke to (there’s been a lot!!) had nothing but very high praise for you, post-surgery, in some cases truly life changing, as with the lovely lady from SA who had been through 3 osteotomies (both legs) and had a lot of pre-op pain until you rescued her after the 1st one failed but now intends to play squash again and is pain free, very inspiring to hear, equally uplifting was the big rugby player I met who told me he’s back on the field now and it’s feeling even stronger than his non op leg now.