Two high tibial osteotomies prove the optimal solution to preserve Kevin’s knees and help him return to normality.

Kevin, a man in his mid-sixties, wanted to be pain-free in both knees and enjoy a reasonable level of fitness again.

Kevin was born bow-legged, a condition that worsened with age. A life spent working in the construction industry, largely before modern health and safety regulations, meant that he may not have fully realised how to take proper care of his knees. He had an arthroscopy in his early 50’s, but after further deterioration, aged 64, decided to seek help. He wasn’t in constant pain but activity, including walking, was severely restricted and he wanted to get back to a reasonable level of activity.

His GP explained that even if he could get NHS treatment there would be a long wait, so he decided to seek private treatment. Through an internet search, he discovered that Professor Wilson worked locally, and impressed by his reputation as a leading authority on knee problems, made a private appointment.

At an initial consultation, various treatments were discussed. Kevin’s bow-leggedness made him a suitable candidate for a high tibial osteotomy, an operation to realign Kevin’s knees, which meant that he could still use his existing knee joint without the introduction of anything artificial. He decided to have the osteotomy procedure on both knees, albeit not at the same time. Professor Wilson performed a tidy-up arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) and removed damaged parts of the meniscus (cartilage layer between knee joint) in Kevin’s right knee and then performed the high tibial osteotomy.

Ten months after his left leg osteotomy (Dec 2017) and five weeks post-right leg osteotomy (Sept 2018), Kevin is delighted with the outcome of the first procedure and doesn’t even think about his left knee when out and about. This reinforced his decision to have right leg procedure. He says: “I am recovering faster than I expected from the latest operation [right knee] and can walk for short distances without crutches but I do use a single crutch on any slightly longer walks to ensure I don’t overdo things and for the confidence of balance provided. To date my expectations have been fully met.”

Kevin does understand that not everyone can afford private treatment, but strongly recommends that anyone who has similar problems to his seeks help via their GP or investigating a specialist like Professor Wilson. “A knee condition like mine does not get better by itself.”

Kevin has been very satisfied with every aspect of his treatment: “From the first time I met Professor Wilson I felt confident with the information, diagnosis and recommendations he offered. Even though I am still recovering from my second procedure I am very pleased with the treatment and care Professor Wilson has provided and the results I have achieved. I was particularly impressed with his personal availability to me had I experienced any concerns post-operation. If I need further treatment for my knees, I would have no hesitation in consulting Professor Wilson and I certainly have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

February 2019


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