Ski instructor back to racing less than a year after successful complex knee reconstruction with Professor Adrian Wilson.

During a ski accident in March 2016, ski instructor in the French Alps, David Walton, ruptured his ACL, tore his MCL and LCL, detached the meniscus and bruised his tibia plateau. As a ski instructor, it was vital he get back on the slopes as soon as possible.

David suffered a number of injuries to his knee when he tripped and fell in deep snow. Following X-rays and an MRI scan locally in France, the extent of the damage was confirmed and he knew he would have to seek a knee sports injury expert to repair his knee.

As a ski instructor, reliant on his knee for his livelihood, it was crucial that David was sure that he was going to be treated by the right specialist.

He found Adrian online and had his first appointment in April 2016, 6 weeks after his accident. Adrian reviewed his scans and discussed the minimally invasive knee repair procedure in great detail before a date for surgery was agreed.

David was confident Adrian was the right person to operate on his knee: “A preparatory consultation with Professor Adrian Wilson a few days before the operation cemented my thoughts this was 100% for me.”

The operation went extremely well and David began his rehabilitation, which involved weekly physiotherapy and regular exercises three times a day.

David had a follow up appointment with Adrian a few weeks after his operation when he was able to see a video of the surgery. Adrian confirmed that the knee was recovering well. David explains:
“I had a good look at the incredible work he had done inside my knee through the video he captured during the operation. It was incomprehensible the work that was be done through seven 3mm holes in my knee.”

Through David’s commitment to his recovery, by the summer he was cycling, at the gym and then took to skis for the first time in November 2016. By January 2017, he was back to ski racing and touring:
“I was ski racing in January 2017 and regularly go ski touring so it’s safe to say that the knee has surpassed every test so far.”

Mar 2016


Adrian sees patients in London, Hampshire and Windsor.

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    Professor Adrian Wilson

    Adrian commenting on David’s case
    “It was a difficult reconstruction that went extremely well and it’s a testament to David that he was able to get back to skiing so quickly at this complex knee construction”.