Angela is walking pain free after simultaneous bi-lateral knee replacements to cure 20 years of knee pain.

Having suffered ongoing debilitating knee pain for many years and several knee arthroscopies, Angela was looking for a long-term solution.

Angela had long standing problems with knee pain, having tripped on stairs and injured her right knee over 20 years earlier.

She had tried various options, including four arthroscopies, stem cell treatment, which had helped for a number of years, and was having ongoing physiotherapy. It was Angela’s physiotherapist who recommended Professor Wilson as she knew of his expertise in complex knee surgery.

Adrian reviewed Angela’s X-rays and MRI scans, which confirmed her severe valgus, or knock knees, and also bone-on-bone arthritis, which was causing the severe knee pain. Adrian’s first thought was to preserve Angela’s knees by performing knee osteotomies, which would align the legs, however the valgus was so severe, that knee replacements were recommended to give Angela the best possible outcome.

With Angela committed to a rehabilitation programme after her operation, Adrian suggested that both knees be replaced at the same time.

Due to prior engagements, Angela needed to delay the procedure for a few months, so Adrian used a regenerative procedure called Lipogems®, which injects fat cells from the body into the knee to ease pain and inflammation. Adrian also recommended that Angela have a course of physiotherapy to prepare her for the operation to help her after the knee replacements.

Whilst challenging due to the severe valgus in Angela’s needs, the operation was a great success, with Angela experiencing relatively little pain after the operation, and able to bend her knees to 90 degrees the next day. She explains: “I had expected that after the surgery, initially, I would have been in a lot of pain but to my surprise this was not the case. Furthermore, I was able to walk with crutches the next day and I no longer had knock knees!”

Angela had a week’s rehabilitation after the operation and came to see Adrian a week later, when she was able to walk without pain without the need for crutches. Within a month, she could walk consistently in the house without support. She summarises: “My recovery has been remarkable and without any of the significant pain that I had expected and feared. Now, I even sometimes forget that I have had replacement surgery, I am walking pain free after many years of suffering debilitating pain in my knees.”

Adrian said: “I am just delighted that Angela has had such a great result from this complex procedure. These videos show that recovery is pretty impressive at two weeks!”

May 2018


Adrian sees patients in London, Hampshire and Windsor.

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