An osteotomy helps a 43 year old patient to enjoy life after being hit by a car left him in severe pain.

Residual pain following an accident whilst cycling was preventing David from doing the things he loved doing, so he turned to Professor Wilson for a solution

For David, aged 43, his active lifestyle is incredibly important. He is very physically fit, and loves doing activities with his two young children. He also completes a 60-mile bicycle ride weekly, sometimes even more frequently.

In February 2017, David was hit by a car while cycling and sustained a bad injury to his knee, which broke in a number of places. He had surgery to correct the issue but, after recovering, he was still suffering from persistent problems. He had sharp pains, struggled to straighten his knee, and experienced soreness after walking or cycling.

In June 2018, David saw Consultant Knee Surgeon Mr Vipul Mandalia in Exeter. Mr Mandalia suggested David would benefit from knee realignment surgery, and provided him with the details for Professor Wilson.

David saw Professor Wilson at The Wellington Hospital’s London Knee Osteotomy Centre, which brings together leading Osteotomy surgeons from across Europe, all passionate about joint preservation., and the two discussed David’s case, deciding on the most appropriate course of action for him: a high tibial osteotomy. He said “After meeting Prof. Wilson I was really impressed with how carefully he went over everything with me.”

The operation, which took place in October 2018, was in itself rather rare, modified to provide the best solution for David’s needs and injury. This included performing an arthroscopy on the left leg at the same time, as this was persisting in causing David pain following the accident. The surgery went well, and was even attended by Mr Ronald van Heerwaarden, the most well-known osteotomy surgeon in the world and a colleague of Professor Wilson’s at London Knee Osteotomy Centre. A couple of days after his operation and before he was discharged, the anesthetist discussed the medication that David was to take home with him. Just a week post-op, David had made impressive progress. He already had no pain while resting his knee, and could comfortably bend it to 100 degrees.

He said “I was expecting the recovery to be extremely painful, as it had been for my previous knee operation. Though hardly painless, I’ve been in a lot less pain than I expected. Throughout the process, I’ve been extremely impressed with the people involved. They all really know their stuff and have my best interests at heart. I’m really glad that I decided to go down this track and would very much advise anyone experiencing knee difficulties that are impacting on their life to do the same.”

March 2019


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