PRP and Lipogems® injections help to ease David’s joint inflammation and discomfort

Following a sustained period of activity, David was in considerable discomfort and was struggling to walk correctly.

David has always enjoyed pursuing an active lifestyle, and since he retired, playing golf. However, arthritis in his knees and a number of knee injuries sustained while playing sports over the years have limited his activity levels. In June 2018 following an extended period of activity the inflammation became particularly bad and he struggled to walk. The discomfort was sufficient to wake him during the night.

David decided he needed to see a specialist and, following a recommendation from Mary McKay his sports therapist, was directed to Professor Wilson because of his reputation for non-surgical solutions. David had MRI scans and X-rays on both knees, which Professor Wilson used to form a detailed assessment. He discussed with David all his treatment options, both invasive and non-invasive, to determine the best treatment for David’s individual case. Professor Wilson recommended Lipogems® and PRP injections over the course of ten months.

Whilst at his consultation, David also expressed concerns to Professor Wilson over his arthritic swelling of the knuckles and asked for advice about what could be done. Professor Wilson arranged for X-rays, the results of which he discussed with upper limb specialist Consultant Ali Noorani. Mr Noorani and Professor Wilson agreed that Lipogems® would ease David’s discomfort, and arranged for this to be done at the same time as his knee injections.

Following the third of his four PRP injections, David is walking much better, and can lock out both knees without discomfort. His knuckles are also showing significant signs of improvement: prior to his treatment, they were often swollen and painful to the touch, but just a few weeks after treatment his inflammation was reduced, and he was pain free.

David said: “I am delighted with the results for both my knees and finger joints and would recommend consultation with Professor Wilson and these treatments for anyone with similar problems.” He also noted the important role of physiotherapy and gentle exercise, as agreed by a sports therapist, in aiding his recovery and getting the full benefits from his treatments.

Professor Wilson said “Things are going very well. David is reporting no night pain and is absolutely delighted with not only the knees but also his hands.”

August 2019


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