PRP injections are the solution for a patient suffering from severe pain following a fall

Sue needed a solution to allow her to resume her normal activities after a nasty fall meant her knee pain returned

Sue was previously referred to Professor Wilson after tearing the meniscus in both of her knees. He performed a partial meniscectomy on her to repair the damage two years previously, followed by Cingal-Hyaluronic acid and steroid injection a year later. Sue made an excellent recovery and was enjoying the results of her surgery until a fall in the garden left her in considerable pain. Her knees kept giving way and her right knee in particular was swollen.

Given the daily pain and discomfort she was experiencing, Sue decided to see Professor Wilson again. Her MRI scans did not show any major problems, but Prof Wilson was keen to help relieve Sue’s pain. He said “I could see she was not comfortable and was walking with a strange gait, so I wanted to try to do something to settle her knees.” Sue and Professor Wilson discussed what the best solution for her was. He explained to her the process of PRP injections and suggested they were a good option for her.

Sue said “I felt really confident with the treatment Professor Wilson recommended, but he also provided me with all the information so that I could read about it and decide for myself. I never felt pressurised.”

Sue was ultimately prescribed a course of three PRP injections with hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. She said “the PRP injections were painful, but I was focusing on the benefit that the treatment gave me.”

After letting the injections ‘settle in’, there has already been significant improvement in both of Sue’s knees, and she now has very little pain or discomfort in her knees. She said “I can now walk further than I been able to for some time and the stairs are so much easier.” 

“Looking into a new treatment for anyone can be daunting. From my experience, my advice is to talk to your consultant, do some research and maybe try something new. My knees are feeling so much better following the PRP injections, and Prof. Wilson was so knowledgeable and helpful. I trusted his judgement and haven’t regretted it.”

February 2019


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