Two partial knee replacements prove to be the optimal solution to preserve 59 year old’s knees and allow him to make a quick recovery

Sanjeev was suffering severe knee pain, and needed a solution to allow him to enjoy an active lifestyle on his retirement.

​Sanjeev had always been active and had been a keen sportsman, regularly playing both squash and tennis. This had clearly taken its toll on his knees, which led him to have keyhole surgery in 2010 to repair meniscal tears. When Sanjeev came to see Adrian in December 2016, aged 59, it was his right knee which was particularly painful and was preventing him from being as active as usual.

On examining Sanjeev and looking at X-rays and MRI scans, Adrian found that it was the medial compartment, located near the middle of the knee on the inner side, which was the most damaged, with the lateral and patellofemoral compartments being relatively unworn.

As his knees were neutrally aligned, not bow-legged or knock-kneed, the best treatment route for Sanjeev was a partial knee replacement. (If he had had either of these, Adrian would have recommended a knee osteotomy to realign his knee).
The operation went well, Sanjeev had very little pain and was out of hospital after a day or two. Within 3 weeks he was no longer using crutches and didn’t need any pain relief.

9 months later, Sanjeev’s right knee was fine but it was now his left knee which was troublesome, he explains:
“In August 2017 I found it difficult to climb up the stairs and felt that I needed to see Adrian again just to determine the issues with my left knee. We considered options including corticosteroid injections and braces but to me this were all short term fixes. I am due to retire at the end of 2017 and didn’t want my retirement to be limited by my mobility.”

Adrian carried out the partial knee replacement to Sanjeev’s left knee, which went as well as the right knee.

Sanjeev was able to leave hospital after 2 days, and was soon off painkillers and crutches:

“I stopped all pain medication a week of being discharged- didn’t seem to need it. Within a few days of being discharged I was walking in house without crutches and outdoors I would use one which was also ditched within 3 weeks.”

He continues: “I am very, very pleased with the outcome. I appreciate this is major surgery and people may want to put it off, but from my experience, and I am 59 years old, I wanted to lead as normal a life as possible and this was the best solution especially being in the hands of Prof Wilson. The key thing that attracted me to him and to have both my knees done was his philosophy and attitude of trying to preserve the knee as much as possible. Not everyone would have recommended a partial knee operation. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Adrian summarises Sanjeev’s case:
“It is a real testament to this procedure of partial knee replacement that patients can do so well. Sanjeev is literally just about to start his retirement and feels this is now going to give him the ability to be active and do the things he wants to do. We really do feel that medial partial knee replacement and lateral partial knee replacement are two of the best operations that we can offer our patients, and this is a very good example of how well patients can do.”

Sanjeev gives this update in February 2019: “It’s nearly 2 years since I had my right and 16 months since I had my left partial knee replacements done, both conducted by Prof Adrian Wilson. All I can say is that its given me a new lease of life having just retired. Prior to this I was limping terribly and my walking gait was suffering not to mention the pain. Now, I don’t even realise that I have a prosthesis. My walking and activity (within sensible limits) is natural and without any issue what so ever. I am leading an active life and enjoying my retirement now at the age of 61 which would not have been possible without having had this surgery. Highly recommend getting it done”.

Nov 2017


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