Osteotomy sees 47 year old back to activity having been told to wait until he was old enough for a knee replacement.

A keen sportsman and ex-tennis coach, Michael Hackett had had knee problems for over 10 years caused by early onset bone arthritis and was having difficulty walking when he first saw Adrian.

Michael had played tennis from the age of 6 until 44, and coached for 20 years at LTA / PTR / RPT levels. He also played squash, badminton and rugby, travelled and walked extensively, and his work at his other job as an electrical engineer had involved a lot of kneeling. Eventually his knees became very problematic.

Michael explained: “After having three previous arthroscopies over a ten year period prior to 2015 in my home town of Northampton, I was told “sorry this third time we can do nothing for you – it’s a knee replacement at 55, and you’ll have to have steroid injections from 45-55 as you are too young for a knee replacement!”

He found Professor Wilson online after extensive research, and their discussions led to him being booked for osteotomy in 2015. However he chose to postpone his surgery until 2016. By this time the delay had set him back considerably and he was in pain walking even 100m or driving for five miles.

Professor Adrian Wilson said: “Michael was in real trouble and struggling to walk and had slowed down enormously. Surgery was very straight-forward technically and he recovered well. He was getting some minor plate discomfort and had his plate removed in September 2017. He has done really well and got back to a very good level of function. He can now walk pain free which was previously very painful. Simple activities like stair climbing are now possible and painless.”

By nine months the plate and screws had been removed and Michael was able to get on with his life.

Adrian commented “Michael’s case just shows to me the power of osteotomy. He was an individual with bone on bone arthritis at a very early age, and was told there were no options available by several of the doctors. In fact ticked he all the boxes for high tibial osteotomy to me and has done extremely well following the procedure.”

Michael said that Adrian: “was always there offering expert advice via email and phone calls which was a bonus rather than being passed to a nurse or physio. Professor Wilson really cares for his work and patients, and I would have no issues in recommending him to anyone and the key thing is not to delay as I did. To be honest I may never play the sports I did again…but at 47 it’s got to be better than knee replacement.”

Sep 2017


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