19 year old professional footballer travels from Guernsey after ongoing knee dislocation problems for a number of years

Max was recommended to see Adrian by another consultant orthopaedic surgeon to seek a diagnosis and treatment for this persistent knee problems

Max is a 19-year-old footballer who plays under 21 for Guernsey and also for Guernsey Rovers AC football team. He has had problems with his knees on and off since the age of 16.

Both knees had become prone to dislocation, particularly his right knee. The left had partially dislocated just with stretching when playing “keepy uppy” with his brothers, although had gone back in place on its own.  After this had happened three times, Max’s knee had been put in a plaster cast for eight weeks, which had seems to improve the situation.

Max’s right knees had been causing him problems since 2014, with his knee having dislocated eight times. Each time this was not the result of contact with another player or an object, which is often the case.

Strength training to develop the muscles around his knee helped. He had two years without problems, however when it happened again when he came down from a header and landed awkwardly, he decided to seek professional advice.

Max’s father had been operated on by Mr Ranjan Vhadra, who recommended Max go and see Professor Wilson. Max was keen to get the problem sorted as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the ligaments and cartilage around his kneecap.

When Max came to see Adrian he was unable to run and was in some pain. Adrian’s assessment was that Max had tendinopathy of the right knee and instability on the left.

Max says: “During my first consultation with Prof. Wilson, I was put at ease at how quickly and easily he could diagnose any problems from looking at my MRI scans and advise on what treatments I needed.”

Adrian discussed the options with Max and they agreed Adrian would give Max a platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection under general anaesthetic to his right patella (kneecap) tendon. Adrian then carried out a medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction on Max’s left knee.

During this surgery on Max’s left knee, Adrian examined the knee using keyhole surgery, an arthroscopy, and also removed loose bodies within the knee.

The next stage is for Adrian to review the situation four weeks after these procedures and scan the patellar tendon to see if a second PRP injection is needed.

Max summarises: “In the lead up to the surgery and after the surgery, Prof. Wilson’s professionalism and expertise was clear in the way he conducted himself and interacted with his team members. He explained everything that he wanted me to do and reassured me that the surgery went really well. Overall, I am very happy that I chose Prof. Wilson to perform my surgery.”

Aug 2018


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