Lipogems treatment takes away the persistent pain and instability in Neil’s left knee

Even after two prior knee reconstructions, Neil remained in pain and turned to Lipogems treatment at The Regenerative Clinic for the solution.

Neil, 50, a petrol station worker, came to see Professor Wilson in 2018 after suffering a long history of issues with his left knee. Apart from his knee problem, Neil is a fit man with a reasonably physical job although he tries to avoid doing too much standing at work.

In 1992 Neil suffered a twisting injury to his left knee after landing awkwardly during a football match, which led to him undergoing a successful knee reconstruction. An accident at work, meant that this reconstruction work had to be redone in 2011, however this time it proved less successful.
Since that operation, Neil has suffered constant pain and instability in his left knee and by 2018, the pain was severe enough to keep him awake at night. Twisting or walking for over 45 minutes left him in pain and he limped intermittently. He could climb stairs but only one at time and needed to hold on to the banister. He had episodes of his knee giving way two or three times each day but did not fall.

He tried a knee brace and physiotherapy and was told the next step was either a third knee rebuild with a partial knee replacement or possibly an osteotomy (knee realignment surgery). When at a routine dentist’s appointment, Neil was asked about the medications he was taking and was informed that, due to his history of Fibromyalgia (a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body), Polymyalgia (muscle inflammation) and osteoarthritis, a knee replacement may not be the best option for him. The dentist told Neil about Professor Wilson and The Regenerative Clinic. Neil says: “After so much pain over the years I was more than happy to give anything a try especially as there was no surgery involved. The only element of risk was that it might not work and even those statistics were low.”

On examining Neil’s knee and the previous surgery done on it, Professor Wilson discovered medial (inner knee) tenderness and that the previous ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament – the front ligament of the knee) surgery had been fixed with a button in a slightly vertical position, accounting for some ongoing instability.

Professor Wilson concluded that a significant amount of his instability was caused by Neil’s pain. The pictures that Neil provided from an arthroscopy in 2017 revealed grade 2 (borderline grade 3) disease medially (inner knee) with a degenerative tear of his meniscus (outer shock absorber).
He explains: “Neil underwent Lipogems treatment, a technique which uses your body’s own natural repair cells to treat the pain. Lipogems (adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells) were injected into Neil’s left knee. Before the injection he had been struggling to walk short distances, but six weeks after the procedure he was able to walk for hours pain-free and has had no pain since. He has had no bruising and he is absolutely delighted with the outcome as are the whole team at The Regenerative Clinic.”

As Neil testifies: “I walked out of the operating theatre and have not experienced any pain since. My expectations have not just been met. They’ve been exceeded. To patients with similar problems, I would advise that if can you afford to do it, do not hesitate. I know it’s not the same for everyone, but the benefits outweigh the risk of it not working and you can’t put a price on being pain-free.”

He continues: “From meeting Professor Wilson to having the procedure, the care I have been shown is outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, in fact I have already passed the details of The Regenerative Clinic to a friend.”

January 2019


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