Knee osteotomy cures active 51 year old of his limp and he is now pain free without the need for a knee replacement.

David had considerable damage to his right knee which left him in pain and limited his activity.

David was referred to Adrian by another orthopaedic surgeon, who was aware of his global expertise in knee preservation and thought an osteotomy could potentially help David return to activity, without the need for a knee replacement. “My Consultant considered me a potential patient for an Osteotomy and referred me to Adrian, explaining the work he’s been involved in to improve the outcome and recovery from the operation.”

An ACL reconstruction had left David with wear on one side of the joint of his right knee, which caused bone-on-bone arthritis. This meant he was in considerable pain and could not walk long distances and suffered from a limp thus limiting the amount of activity David was able to do.

On examining David, Adrian confirmed that David was indeed suitable for a knee osteotomy, which would relieve the pain and allow him to walk normally. More importantly, this operation allowed David to keep his own knee, rather than have a more invasive and potentially limiting knee replacement. Adrian explains:
“David really did represent the most typical demographic for a high tibial osteotomy procedure – early fifties, old injury involving the medial compartment in his knee, and bone-on-bone arthritis causing a great deal of pain.”

David’s osteotomy operation took place in January 2017, here is an update from David 1 year on:
“On reflection I think I progressed well through recovery and after 9 months the pain went. I am now 12 months on from the operation and delighted with the outcome. With the loss of cartilage, it will never be perfect and I need to be sensible to prolong its life. However I can walk normally without my old limp, pain free and I’m very grateful for Adrian’s care.”

Adrian concludes:
“I am delighted with the outcome of David’s knee osteotomy. As is the case with so many patients his age suffering from knee damage, this procedure can get people back to good levels of activity and prolong the life of their own knee.”

Jan 2018


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