Kickboxer aiming for his 3rd Dan (black belt) after partial knee replacements in both knees by Professor Adrian Wilson.

Robert, 57, a keen kickboxer and teacher of the martial art had severe knee pain yet wanted to maintain his high level of activity.

Robert was suffering from severe lateral knee pain on both sides when he first came to see Adrian in 2016. His condition was quite serious as he already had grade IV changes in the joint cartilage – MRI scans showed ‘bone-on-bone’ changes in both lateral compartments of his knees. Adrian diagnosed isolated lateral compartment disease.

At this time, Robert was training for his second Dan in kickboxing – he also teaches kickboxing to a higher level.

In discussing the treatment for his knees, Adrian wanted to offer a solution which would allow Robert to maintain a high level of active. They both agreed that a partial (unicompartmental) knee replacement was the best option for Robert.

The right knee was operated on in August 2016, and the left side was operated on the following month.
As of July 2017, Robert is pain free and has full movement in both knees. He is back training in kickboxing and is planning to do his third Dan in 2018.

Adrian says:
“Robert is delighted that he has been able to return to kickboxing and such a high level of activity. I am so pleased that he has had such an excellent result. He has a full range of motion in both knees, no pain, and is back to all of his normal activities. This is a very good feeling for me as a surgeon to see such a success story.”

Aug 2017


Adrian sees patients in Harley Street, London, Hampshire and Windsor.

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