Injection therapy provide a surgery-free solution and enable a 62 year old patient to get back to trekking, pain free

Gordon had long put off arranging a consultation, but after seeing Prof Wilson his pain was quickly resolved

Gordon, aged 62, had always been active, enjoying his sports and activities, particularly sailing, biking, trekking and tennis. But the persistent pain of a meniscal tear made these activities increasingly difficult and uncomfortable.

He explained “I have had problems with my right knee on and off since an injury during rugby training in my late teens, compounded by a similar incident sustained in my 30s whilst windsurfing. It was getting very painful, particularly earlier in the day before the painkillers and anti-inflammatories I was using took effect.”

Gordon had put off arranging a consultation, but on treks in Uttarakhand, India and Laos his knee pain made him seriously uncomfortable. As a result, he began to consider his options. He said “I started researching and Professor Wilson came highly recommended.”

Gordon visited Professor Wilson in March 2018, and although Professor Wilson considered the possibility of surgery, he concluded that the best course of action for Gordon was a simple steroid and hyaluronic combined injection (C1ngal).

Professor Wilson said “I did think there was a possibility that we might need surgery, but we tried an injection and Gordon is now pain free. This is a great example of how someone can respond to simple injection therapy for a problem that was traditionally treated with surgery. I’m thrilled with the results and it’s great to see that Gordon has had his busiest summer in years, getting back to his trekking and sailing.”

Over six months on, Gordon continues to be completely pain free, and he concluded “Honestly, I did not have high expectations. Having resisted this kind of intervention all my life, I was sceptical, perhaps my defence mechanism so as not to be disappointed! But I have been delighted with my results. My treatment has enabled me to pursue my activities pain free, and I am looking forward to the coming Alpine ski season. I now realise that my other knee is not as good as I thought!

My advice to other patients is to get good advice and make an informed choice on the various possible courses of action.”

September 2018


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