Keen walker and hill climber back to walking without limping 16 weeks after a meniscus transplant.

Marta had a chronic bucket handle tear to the meniscus. The knee was physically locked and she couldn’t straighten her knee, the only option was to resect the meniscus.

Marta started to experience a problem with her right knee 2-3 years ago. She used to get a sharp knee pain, which however always settled down in few minutes and was not restricting her activities. That was the case until the beginning of May 2016 when she went for her annual 40-mile Ridgeway walk (14th one).

Marta explains:
“Right at the beginning of that walk, I experienced my usual sharp knee pain. When the pain eased I was able to finish the walk, even in a quite good time. The next morning I was not able to put the slightest weight on my knee. Although after few days of icing it and taking painkillers the pain was reduced, I was limping a lot and really struggling with different movements, such as climbing stairs or turning. Thus I decided to see a specialist, Prof. Wilson, suggested by my colleague. I was hoping that my knee problem could be treated fast and that I would be able to go on my planned trip to the mountains towards the end of August. Unfortunately, that appeared not to be the case.”

Adrian diagnosed a bucket handle tear of the medial meniscus causing locking of her right knee and severe osteitis in her tibia. After an arthroscopy her knee was still painful.

To deal with Marta’s persisting knee problem, Adrian recommended a meniscal transplant. Adrian explains:
“Marta was in her 50s and therefore there was an underlying degree of wear and tear – but on MRI and during arthroscopy her joint surfaces looked really very good”.

When three months after surgery Marta was able to walk unsupported, and no longer experienced any pain in her knee.

16 weeks after surgery (just 3 weeks after starting to wean off crutches and brace) she was able to walk without limping, something she hadn’t been able to do for the past 10 months. Another 3 weeks later she walked for a mile in 17 minutes. The following week she managed her first countryside walk of 5 miles (still with a support of the brace and walking polls recommended by her physiotherapist). All those activities did not trigger any knee pain.

Marta is really positive about her return to activities:
“I am now hoping to go on hiking in the mountains (with peaks above 2000 m) in August. I am also looking forward that the next year I might be able to go on the famous GR-20 hiking in Corsica something what is on top of my list of many dreamed hiking adventures.

I am so grateful to be offered to undergo meniscal transplant surgery which seems to be providing an amazing result. It is turning me from a person full of pain and limping back to mobile and active one which I would like to be as long as possible”.

April 2017


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