Debilitating knee pain and bow leggedness is cured after 54-year-old woman has a high tibial osteotomy

Pain caused by a road accident 36 years earlier was affecting Caroline’s ability to have an active life

54-year-old Caroline’s leg hadn’t been straight since a road accident 36 years earlier when she damaged it quite badly.

This led to her putting undue pressure on the inside of her knee for many years and around 10 years ago she started having treatment to help keep her active.

X-rays showed that Caroline had an early failing medial compartment in her right leg and was in varus (bowing of that leg). She was referred to Professor Adrian Wilson by another consultant who knew about Professor Wilson’s interest in joint preservation and the management of early arthritis.

Professor Wilson said: “Caroline had severe medial knee pain, which was really debilitating her life. Since her problems were all confined to the medial compartment of the right knee, we both agreed that she would have a high tibial osteotomy under my care.”

Six weeks later and after her osteotomy, Caroline walked in for her follow-up appointment without her crutches. Her original knee pain had settled, she was running well on a gravity-reducing AlterG treadmill and had been able to walk for three hours on holiday on Woolacombe Beach without any pain.

Professor Wilson said: “This is a real testament to how far we have got with rapid rehabilitation following this procedure and I am delighted that Caroline has been able to get back to such a good level of activity with minimal discomfort.”

Caroline explained that it was important to be diligent about exercise post op and to get lots of rest. Her physiotherapist gave her a rehab programme which helped her recovery.

“I also did everything I could to accelerate recovery from hiring a Game Ready at home post op for a month (recommended by Prof Wilson) to signing up for AposTherapy. I went back to pilates two weeks after my op,” said Caroline.

Caroline is now waiting for her bone to heal sufficiently so that Professor Wilson can remove the metal plate holding her knee together. Professor Wilson will not usually remove the plate for a minimum of 12 months following this type of procedure.

She said: “From the very beginning Professor Adrian Wilson was very clear about the risks and benefits of this operation and I felt very confident that this was the right course of action for me. He is the expert in this field and was recommended by another consultant Raman Dega, who I know and trust.”

“The Professor is clearly passionate about his work and is constantly striving to improve techniques. He instilled confidence not only in his ability and expertise but also that I was a good candidate for the operation to be a success.”

Jan 2018


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