Fourth time lucky for active dad following complex MCL reconstruction by Professor Adrian Wilson.

Scott Newman tore his ACL and MCL ligaments playing rugby age 21. Three operations and almost 20 years later he seeks treatment so he can enjoy activities with his children.

Following Scott’s injury at the age of 21, he had an initial operation. He continued to have problems with his MCL, ending his rugby career and leading him to take up gym exercise and running instead.

10 years later, he saw a second knee surgeon who re-operated on his MCL, however he continued to have instability issues in his knee, limiting the range of exercise he could do. In 2013, knowing he was to become a father and wanting to be active with his children, he underwent a third operation with the same consultant.

Unfortunately the operation failed again and he still had problems with his knee. Not knowing where to turn he asked his local GP who referred Scott to Adrian based on excellent feedback from existing clients.

Adrian talked Scott through his options bearing in mind his complex history. Scott’s operation took place in April 2016.

Adrian takes up the story: “I am particularly interested in the MCL, and the collateral ligament on the opposite side – the LCL, as I have developed a new way of tackling this particular injury. In Scott’s case things were very interesting. I reconstructed the posterior (back part) of the MCL (or so-called posterior oblique ligament). I reinforced it with FiberTape and brought it down to a tunnel at the back of the tibia where the posterior oblique ligament inserts, and took it through that tunnel and fixed it then on the front of the tibia. I then used a further allograft for the main superficial MCL, which again I reinforced.”

One year on, Scott is making a strong recovery: “I’ll never be back playing rugby (I’m too old now!) but I am slowly building up my running (with no pain!) and starting to enjoy to enjoying playing sport and being active with my kids.”

Adrian summarises: “Prior to seeing me, Scott was really quite disabled with a non-functional MCL and a knee that was giving way and stopping him from walking even short distances. Seeing him now, I think this case is a real triumph and a very good example of how new techniques and modern technology can really make the difference.”

Jun 2017


Adrian sees patients in London, Hampshire and Windsor.

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