An internationally renowned sports knee surgeon from Jordan is back to wake boarding after 2 months following an osteotomy with Professor Adrian Wilson.

Dr Ziyad El Qirem chooses to travel to the UK to have Professor Adrian Wilson operate on his knee.

Dr Ziyad El Qirem is a very fit and active gentleman who really enjoys his sport, particularly wake boarding and when he is not working he is busy enjoying himself in Jordan doing very physical activities. He tore his ACL in 2009 and had it reconstructed in 2011 and things looked good. He went on to make an excellent recovery but towards the end of last year he experienced a sudden onset of medial knee pain. He explains:

“When I’m not carrying out orthopaedic surgery for sports injuries, my passion is wakeboarding. I had a cartilage injury – an ACL tear – and some deformity in my right knee as a result of my sport.”

He approached Adrian at the Trauma and Innovation Forum in Florida, where Adrian was a speaker in January 2017.

Dr Ziyad had heard good things about the osteotomy surgery Adrian had carried out, so he asked Adrian if he could take a look at him. After the examination, Adrian confirmed that he ticked all the boxes for osteotomy combined with cartilage surgery.

In May, Dr Ziyad travelled to the UK from Jordan where Adrian performed a high tibial osteotomy using the minimally invasive technique he has developed. He also carried out a cartilage procedure using the latest in cartilage technology.

Just a day following surgery, Dr Ziyad had virtually no pain – he rated it at 2 out of 10 at the most. He had already been walking around, had no swelling and could flex his knee to 120 degrees and had an excellent straight leg raise.

Adrian said of the procedure:
“It’s great to start the day when you go in and see a patient with such an amazing result with what are very large surgical procedures. I’m very proud of the technique that we have developed and it does seem in a significant number of patients to allow them to get through this surgical procedure with no pain.”

Dr Ziyad explains how delighted he has been with the experience:
“I had an amazing recovery – I was able to bend my knee after 48 hours and was back to wakeboarding within two months of my operation. Four months later, I have no pain or swelling and can carry out lengthy surgery standing without any problems.”

Adrian and Dr Ziyad met again at a conference in Cape Town in December 2017. Adrian says: “Dr Ziyad was a delegate at the Arthrex Technology Symposium, where I was lecturing. I was delighted to hear that his knee is 100% back to its pre-injury state, a great outcome.”

May 2017


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