A 57-year-old woman is back to gardening after life-changing simultaneous knee realignment surgery on both knees with Professor Adrian Wilson

Jennifer had a double osteotomy to correct her bowed legs and stop the pain in her knees

Jennifer Jones, who is 57, was born with bowed lower legs. In her mid-fifties this began to cause her pain in her knees and hip.

Her bowed legs also affected Jennifer’s confidence and she wasn’t comfortable wearing shorts or short skirts because people would make comments.

Jennifer said: “After a lot of research I approached Professor Wilson who assured me that the problem could be sorted out with an osteotomy which would negate the possible need for knee surgery at a later date and would straighten my hated lower legs.”

Jennifer wanted to minimise the amount of recovery time so she chose to have a bilateral simultaneous high tibial osteotomy, meaning both knees would be operated on at the same time.

Professor Wilson said: “Jennifer had pain in both knees, which was getting progressively worse. This surgery addressed both the appearance and the pain. I used my minimally-invasive technique.”

Although the experience was quite traumatic, Jennifer said the surgery has changed her life. Fifteen weeks following the operation she was gardening and had no pain and straight legs.

“I won’t say it wasn’t traumatic because it certainly was and there was enormous pressure on my husband who has been my primary carer. It has been a long slog with some fairly low points but the end result is most certainly worth it,” said Jennifer.

She added: “Professor Wilson and his entire team have been quite simply magnificent and I can’t thank them enough for my life-changing surgery.”

Professor Wilson added that an osteotomy can be done fairly comfortably on both legs at the same time and that patients can bounce back and rehab quickly with the new techniques that have been developed.

June 2017


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