50 year old Katie is back on her feet after a simultaneous double osteotomy by Professor Adrian Wilson

Katie has suffered from knee and back pain for years and was never confident to show her bowed legs

Katie had always suffered from bow legs. From her teenage years onwards this made her extremely self-conscious and she resorted to wearing trousers constantly so as not to show her legs. When she was 20, she broke her metatarsal bones in both her feet. She felt that her bowed legs had contributed to this injury, and her GP referred her to an orthopaedic surgeon, who was unable to offer Katie any treatment to solve the problem.

Katie was sure there must be a solution to re-align her legs, which were causing her increasing knee and back pain, despite keeping fit and periodic visits to physiotherapists and chiropractors. During her ongoing internet research, Katie eventually came across Professor Wilson’s website and immediately recognised that he could be the expert she had been looking for. Katie said:

“Professor Wilson is such a leader in this field, I knew as soon as I found him I was in the best possible hands.”

After a few appointments to discuss Katie’s options, and carry out the necessary MRI scans, Katie underwent a knee osteotomy operation on both knees at the same time in April 2018. Whilst having both knees operated on at the same time is a serious operation, Adrian’s use of minimally-invasive surgery and accurate pre-operative digital planning together with the different types of anaesthetic meant that Katie was in no pain when she woke from surgery.

Katie used a cryotherapy device called GameReady, which reduced swelling and allowed her to control any later pain with limited use of painkillers. She was walking with crutches the day after the surgery and was able to shower and get about the ward.

After 3 days in hospital, Katie checked in at a local rehabilitation centre, which gave her intensive hydrotherapy and physiotherapy and allowed her to focus 100% on her recovery.

2 weeks after the operation, she came to see Adrian for a post-operative appointment. Her wounds had healed well and she had a good range of motion on both knees.

4 weeks after the operation, most of the swelling had gone, bruising was fading and the scars are minimal. Katie was walking well and feeling stronger by the day. Katie summarises the experience:

“The whole experience has been wonderful. The bilateral procedure is a big demand on your body, there’s no good leg and you have to take recovery slowly but I talked it through at length with Professor Wilson and felt sure I could cope with it. I think I have done remarkably well which is a testament to my wonderful surgeon and the team of people who have looked after me .I don’t have the words to express to Professor Wilson how grateful I am to him though I suspect he knows. I have waited a long time for this, it will truly be life changing for me.”

May 2018


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