David is now pain free, walks the dog every morning and is able to chase his grandchildren round the park.

David, 56, had a double-level osteotomy with Professor Adrian Wilson in December 2016 to cure his almost constant pain and avoid a double knee replacement.

David had worked in the construction industry and as a keen squash player, was in constant pain in both his knees, which were badly bowed. His knee pain had got to the point that he could not even walk the dog and his sleeping was difficult. He had seen various specialists and had had many procedures; knees injected, cartilage shaved, stem cell surgery and nothing had actually helped the pain. He explains:

“I was at the stage where I couldn’t walk more than a few metres without needing to sit. Having seen a video of myself trying to walk on a beach whilst on holiday, I realised that without help I would eventually be unable to walk.”

He was told by the NHS and private sector that his only option would be knee replacement to both legs. He was apprehensive as at 55 as he still wanted a fairly active life, and was relatively young for this surgery.

A friend mentioned Adrian’s pioneering surgery being carried out in Hampshire.

After discussion it was decided to operate on both legs simultaneously, which isn’t often performed. It was painful initially, but with the help of a ‘Game Ready’ (which basically almost freezes the leg) he coped well.

David gives an update 7 months after the operation:
“It’s now July 2017, my legs are straight, I’m pain free, walk the dog every morning and am able to chase my grandchildren round the park. To say this has been a life changer for me is an understatement, I feel it’s actually given me back my life, and to be pain free is amazing! I cannot thank Professor Wilson enough.”

Adrian is delighted with David’s progress:
“The procedure went very well and I am delighted that now he is 6-7 months post op, has full range of motion, a normal gait, and absolutely no pain. He represents a great example of what we can do with osteotomy surgery and I am delighted that he has done so well.”

July 2017


Adrian sees patients in Harley Street, London, Hampshire and Windsor.

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