Cycling about 300 miles a month and a hill walking holiday, 12 months after a knee osteotomy.

Brendon Ridge tore his meniscus playing football fifteen years previously. Despite an arthroscopy and a micro-fracture procedure walking still proved painful. His options were an osteotomy or a full knee replacement.

Brendan was referred to Professor Wilson by his local GP. Following a knee arthroscopy he still found walking painful and squash was out of the question.

He had hoped that another arthroscopy would enable him to carry on playing squash, running and cycling, however despite the micro-fracture procedure to stimulate some scar cartilage growth, regular walking was still quite painful. He was too young for a knee replacement, which might have needed replacing again if he continued with his active lifestyle.

Adrian recommended an osteotomy to realign Brendan’s leg so that the weight bearing point in his knee would shift to the side with the residual cartilage.

Adrian explains:
“Brendan was perfect for an osteotomy and I’m delighted that he’s done so well. He is now back to enjoying all the sports that he was enjoying prior to the surgery and of course he still has his knee.”

He continues:
“In Asia and on the continent patients are seeking out this option as they want to avoid joint placement surgery mostly as many individuals living so much longer and there is of course a limited lifespan of a knee replacement. In the UK we need to highlight these cases so that patients seek this treatment out and encourage more surgeons to offer this option to their patients.”

Oct 2017


Adrian sees patients in Harley Street, London, Hampshire and Windsor.

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