University student Anna back in the saddle following a hybrid ACL repair and reconstruction with Professor Wilson

Nasty injuries were preventing Anna from participating in the sports that she loved. She needed a solution which would allow her to resume her active lifestyle

Anna, a student and keen sportswoman, initially injured her knee in November 2016, when she tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while playing netball. After lots of rehabilitation with her sports physiotherapist, she was eventually able to resume playing netball in September 2017. But another injury just a few months later during a training session revived her knee problems and left Anna in significant pain. She had an MRI, and was told she had damaged her meniscus and ruptured her ACL.

Anna loves taking part in sport, particularly horse riding, netball and tennis, so an injury that prevented her from doing this was understandably frustrating. She said “I really wanted to get it fixed quickly so I could get back to horse riding.” She sought advice from a family friend, who is a physiotherapist, and was advised that Professor Wilson was the best person to deal with her situation.

When Anna met with Adrian, they talked through her problems and the right course of action to allow her to get back to the sports she loved. He told her that he would need to repair, and potentially reconstruct, her ACL as well as repairing her meniscus.

The operation, which took place in early 2018, went well, and Professor Wilson was even able to reconstruct Anna’s anterolateral ligament (ALL) at the same time to ensure she had the best recovery possible. Although initially challenging, once Anna’s rehabilitation began to progress it was quick and easy.

About six months after surgery and eight months after she had last ridden, Anna was delighted to be back on her horse. She said “I’m really pleased to be back to horse riding. It has felt so good and I’ve had no problems with my knee! I can now do almost everything I did before which has been an excellent result for me. A huge thank you to Professor Wilson for all of his help.”

Adrian said “Anna had a really nasty injury so I’m delighted with her recovery. It’s great to see her able to do the things she loves doing.”

January 2019


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