Active 60 year old climbing mountains 5 months after a terrible ski injury following ‘internal brace’ repair to all his knee ligaments.

Rob Gready severed his ACL, PCL and MCL and a grade 3 tear of the LCL in his knee whilst skiing in March 2017.

Rob was skiing in poor light in Tignes in the French Alps when he landed badly, damaging his right leg. On trying to stand he actually thought he had broken his hip. The diagnosis at the clinic in the resort was shocking, he had broken his ACL. However an MRI scan a week later revealed he had also severed his PCL and MCL and suffered a grade 3 tear of the only remaining ligament in the knee and some meniscus damage as well.

Adrian explains: “Rob sustained a really quite terrible injury to his knee skiing and had what we call a knee dislocation. This occurs when the knee is twisted with high force and several of the ligaments around the knee rupture.”

Adrian was recommended to Rob by Professor Gordon Mackay. Adrian and Gordon worked together to develop the ‘internal brace’ technique and Adrian has a global reputation for his complex ligament surgery.

Rob explains how the choice of surgeon was critical to him: “This was my only chance to get this right or I could see my skiing, mountaineering, cycling and running would have come to an end. At 60 I was expecting many more active years.”

Adrian explains the surgery and Rob’s outcome:
“I have been lucky to help with the development of a new way of treating ligament injuries which involves repairing the torn ligament as opposed to replacing it. We call this the internal brace technique. Rob’s surgery went very well I was able to repair the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL in other words all the ligaments. I was delighted to see how quickly Rob recovered and within a few weeks he was walking normally. Within a few months he is planning his next skiing holiday!”

And following the surgery, Rob confirms:
“I was back on my bike after 3 months, and in August I climbed Ben Moore, the Munro on the Isle of Mull. The knee is extremely stable and I am optimistic that I am going to return to all my sporting activities.”

Oct 2017


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