Keen horsewoman able to get back to riding after seeing Prof Wilson for ACL surgery.

Tamzin was in excruciating pain after a suffering an injury whilst horse riding and needed surgery to enable her to continue her sport.

Tamzin is a keen horse rider, frequently competing in eventing competitions. After suffering an injury whilst out with her horse, she was left in terrible pain, dipping in and out of consciousness and without any stability in her knee and lower leg.

Tamzin said “I was in excruciating pain, unable to walk or bear any weight on my knee. It was so swollen it resembled a rugby ball.”

Having been diagnosed with a meniscal tear by A&E, Tamzin got into contact with Adrian, who, within a few days, was able to get her an MRI scan. Just a few hours after Tamzin had the scan Adrian was on hand with the results and diagnosis: total rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL). He talked her through her options and together they devised a plan of action to get her back to the activities she loves.

Just a month after her accident, Tamzin was admitted for ACL repair surgery. Once the operation was over, Adrian visited Tamzin in recovery to share the good news that the surgery had gone well and that he expected she would be able to ride in three months time. After spending the night in hospital, Tamzin was up and able to walk out of hospital on crutches.

Tamzin undertook a course of physiotherapy, icing and gentle exercise, supported by Adrian and his team. Just over two months after her operation and following advice, Tamzin was able to get back on her horse, with no pain or restriction whatsoever. A month later, she was back entering dressage competitions.

Tamzin said: “I cannot thank Adrian enough for his amazing empathy, skill and expertise. He’s a genius and the speed of my recovery has been miraculous. I’ve spoken to other people who have had ACL surgery and they can’t believe how quickly I’ve recovered!”

Adrian said: “Tamzin is a great friend and I am delighted she has done so well. Her recovery is testament to how fantastic ACL repair surgery can be in enabling people to resume the things they love doing, with little or no pain.”

November 2018


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