Kate has recovered so well from her ruptured ligaments in her left knee, that she’s already looking forward to horse-riding again.

A nasty skiing accident put Kate’s active lifestyle under threat. She put her trust in Professor Adrian Wilson to return her to what she loved doing best.

Kate, who is in her 50s, dislocated her left knee while skiing, tearing her meniscal cartilage and rupturing her ligaments. Kate discovered Professor Adrian Wilson after many hours of internet research, realising that she needed a surgeon she could trust entirely to give her the best chance of returning to her pre-injury lifestyle.

Kate met Professor Wilson with an open mind, was impressed with his expertise but also with his confident, but not arrogant, manner. He treated her like an individual, giving her a sense of relief and optimism and she decided to ask him to be her surgeon within moments of meeting him. She therefore had extremely high expectations before her surgery.

Prior to surgery, Professor Wilson explained the associated risks and rewards of the operation and in early March 2019, Kate underwent an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair and medial collateral ligament (MCL) repair. Both procedures went well and rather than performing reconstruction, Professor Wilson was able to use the repair technique that he has helped pioneer, reattaching the original ACL with sutures and using the internal brace to supplement this and on the medial (inner) side, using the internal brace technique.

Having selected Professor Wilson with such high hopes, Kate’s expectations were fully met post-operatively.

In order to get her knee moving and improve its condition, Professor Wilson had Kate undertake six weeks of cryotherapy, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, using an external brace.

Since her operation, Kate has been feeling so well and able to move around so easily without pain that she has slightly overexerted herself. So, she advises others to keep busy, do their physio, but pace themselves and be patient. She also says that it’s important to decide what it is in life that brings them joy and plan to achieve that again. In Kate’s case, it was horse-riding and competing in British Dressage.

Kate adds: “We take for granted so many things and mobility and an active lifestyle once lost and then returned is forever appreciated. Patients should try to accept their situation in all its pain and anxiety and find a surgeon, who like Adrian, has the talent to fulfil their expectations.”

Professor Wilson says: “Kate is doing extremely well. She has got an excellent range of motion with nearly full bend and she is just off straight. She is completely pain free and interestingly at 13 days, feels as though she could if she needed, get back to work and is already looking forward to taking one of her horses for a ride.”

April 2019


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