A sports surgeon from South Africa gets back to work 6 weeks after a knee osteotomy with Professor Adrian Wilson.

Dr Mark Ferguson, aged 56, chose to travel half way round the world to have Adrian carry out his osteotomy operation and avoid a knee replacement.

Dr Mark Ferguson has over 20 years’ experience as an orthopaedic surgeon, specialising in sports injuries, so was familiar with early knee degenerative problems. When he started to experience these issues himself, he was determined to find the best in the world for his own knee treatment.

He was struggling to walk yet wanted to avoid a knee replacement, so an osteotomy provided an option which would get him on his feet and back to work quickly.

Following extensive research and having seen Adrian present the minimally invasive osteotomy technique he had developed, Mark made his decision to come to the UK for treatment.

“My research to find an internationally acclaimed Centre of Excellence that specialises in joint preservation lead to my choice of Prof Wilson who assured me of an early return to my work and was confident in his expectations for my knee.”

Adrian performed a high tibial osteotomy (HTO): an operation to realign the long bones of the leg and alter the fores going through the joint surfaces.

After a successful operation and a two night stay, suffering no pain, just some discomfort, Mark left hospital. He made rapid progress – flexibility soon returned to his knee and he was in no pain.

Mark summarises his experience:

“Professor Wilson, using advanced digital software to accurately plan the procedure, has developed a minimally invasive technique using precision instruments. In association with his anesthesiology team this has resulted in a relatively painless preservation operation with a quicker recovery, improved outcomes and the possible avoidance of future surgery”.

Feb 2016


Adrian sees patients in Harley Street, London, Hampshire and Windsor.

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