Professor Adrian Wilson


Adrian sees patients in Harley Street, London, Hampshire and Windsor.

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Professor Adrian Wilson is a world-leading Knee and Sports Injury Specialist who has pioneered a number of evidence-based techniques for knee preservation and repair. These include new, minimally invasive procedures for knee realignment (osteotomy) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair.

A true innovator, Adrian is acknowledged for his work by his fellow surgeons, many of whom he trains to perform his procedures. More importantly for Adrian is the fact patients benefit from and appreciate his skills as a knee surgeon.

Adrian has a particular interest in children’s knee problems. Among other innovations, he has developed a minimally invasive technique to treat anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries that has a fast recovery time and excellent long-term results.

Other interests
Adrian is vice chairman of the ESSKA osteotomy committee and a founding member of the UK Expert Osteotomy Group. He is also one of the founding members of the UK Knee Osteotomy Registry (UKKOR), the first national database dedicated to knee realignment (osteotomy) surgery. The Group has established a dataset that is now the largest followed group of osteotomy patients worldwide. He also runs a successful Fellowship programme for senior orthopaedic surgeons in training. Adrian runs a masterclass in osteotomy training for surgeons which attracts interests from surgeons all over the world (


I've worked with Prof Adrian on a professional level. His knowledge, manner and expertise is fantastic. I would be more than happy to recommend Adrian to any of my family members.
Vishal Madhani
Vishal Madhani
12:40 12 Dec 17
Living with osteoarthritis in both knees was becoming not only painful but also life limiting. Professor Wilson performed a High Tibial Osteotomy procedure on my right knee in September 2015 and my left knee in March of this year. The difference has been amazing - I'm back to long walks with our dog and the sports I enjoy - and last month I climbed the O2 dome with no problem! Professor Wilson and his team come highly more
Victoria O'Hara
Victoria O'Hara
16:55 27 Nov 17
My son William aged 17 has a history of Osteochondritis Dissecans which has previously presented in both knees (aged 11/12) and was treated with a period of complete rest (no weight bearing) which seemed to improve at the time. This time only the right knee presented as a problem after a long period of standing at work, football and further aggravated by a fall onto concrete and resulted in him not being able to straighten the knee and walk properly with pain and stiffness and some giving way of the knee when walking. Professor Wilson on examining his MRI suggested micro-drilling if the knee was stable via keyhole surgery or if unstable opening my sons knee and excavating/cleaning the unstable fragment and re-fixing with bio-screws. During surgery Professor Wilson made the decision to do the bigger operation as the knee was quite unstable and my son has recovered very quickly from this operation. He had very little pain or swelling, was completely off pain medication by day 5 and after 6 weeks on crutches and in a leg brace attended physiotherapy and was immediately out of the leg brace and on one crutch for a week and then at week 7 was completely off the crutches/driving and doing exercises without any pain or swelling. We are now on week 9 and doing more weight bearing exercises and myself and William are so happy with the results of this surgery and hope he will be back playing football in another 4 months once the knee has fully healed. Professor Wilson comes highly recommended. The operation was carried out at the Candover Suite in Basingstoke with physiotherapy at the Hampshire clinic and the whole experience has been 1st more
karen holmes
karen holmes
15:59 14 Nov 17
Tore my ACL skiing and was put in touch with Adrian as he had apparently been working on an ACL repair procedure that significantly reduced recovery time. I was back riding down big mountains within three months with no problems whatsoever. And the newly strengthened knee spurred me on to go on to even bigger mountain objectives, such as climbing Mont Blanc and snowboarding down the north face. Next summer I'm taking things even higher and heading to the Himalayas to climb and ski a 7500m peak. Adrian's surgery essentially gave me a new lease of life! Really friendly guy, makes you feel very comfortable and did a damn fine job!read more
Fraser Buffini
Fraser Buffini
14:31 08 Nov 17